Production (million €)6.7677.1477.4397.5007.500
Turnover (million €)6.9427.3627.6077.6107.700
Exports (million €)4.8115.0365.2155.3145.259
Importações (million €)3.8353.9404.1394.3074.476

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The Textile and Clothing Industry is one of the most important industries for the Portuguese economy.

It represents:

  • 10% of the Portuguese Total Exports;
  • 20% of the manufacturing Industry’s Employment;
  • 9% of the Manufacturing Industry’s Turnover;
  • 9% of the Manufacturing Industry’s Production.

Portugal has around 5 thousand companies working in all sub sectors of textile and clothing industry; some of them are vertical units, but the majority are small and medium companies, all well-known for their flexibility and quick response, expertise and innovation.

The textile and clothing companies are mainly placed in the north of Portugal (Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Famalicão), but there are also some companies located in Covilhã (East of Portugal) working with wool products (from yarns to clothes).

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